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Hate crime

A hate crime is any crime committed against another person because of their race, skin colour, nationality, ethnic background sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, disability or because they are transgender. 

Hate crime can be: 

  • Physical violence or assault

  • Harassment 

  • Verbal abuse, name calling 

  • Threats of violence 

  • Damage to property

  • Arson

  • Harassment over the phone, email/text messages, social media, internet, mail 

  • Theft/attempted theft 

  • Racist graffiti/literature 

  • Dumping of rubbish 

Is it not OK to be targeted, harassed or attacked verbally or physically because of who you are or where you come from.  

How to report it: 

Don’t be afraid to report the crime to the police. It is really important for your safety and others that you do.  

  • If it is not urgent – call the police on 101.

  • If on trains or tube – text the British Transport Police on 61016.

  • In an emergency – call the Police and/or Ambulance on 999.

How can we help?  

If you have experienced a hate crime and need support, please call our helpline or email us at  

We will work with you confidentially and our services are free. We can provide: 

  • Support with reporting the crime to the police.

  • General advice and support with housing, your rights, the criminal justice system etc.